Alocasia 'Dragon Scale': Care guide

Alocasia 'Dragon Scale': Care guide

AAlocasia ‘Dragon Scale’ is an exceptionally rare and decorative plant. It is called ‘Dragon Scale’ because its leaves resemble large scales with a stretched texture and contrasting shades of dark green on the upper leaf margin and a platinum hue on the lower margin, making this plant very ‘trendy’ and impressive.

Light: Prefers a lot of light, occasionally accepts direct sun but avoids it mainly in summer.

Temperature: It needs environments with more humidity than normal, using a humidifier from time to time will be a good option, ideal temperature 18-22ºC.

Watering: Keep the soil moist, watering abundantly during the growth period, we advise, if you have your Alocasia in a plastic vase inside a decorative vase that fill the decorative vase with water (1/3) of the vase and place the plant inside, leaving it for 20 min to drink the water, at the end of this period remove the excess water.

Fertilization: Assiduous fertilization is not necessary, but we recommend applying a slow-release fertilizer at least once during the spring.

Tips: Alocasias annually go through a period of dormancy, in which there is a possibility that the oldest leaves enter senescence and fall. We advise you to clean the dust that may accumulate with a wet cloth so that the leaves can have a greater photosynthetic efficiency.

Toxicity: They are toxic to animals and humans when ingested, keep away from children and animals.

First found: Southeast Asia

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