Homalomena Camouflage: Care guide

Homalomena Camouflage: Care guide

These are short-stemmed rhizomatous herbaceous plants that barely reach 15-20 cm in height. The showy leaves, dark green in color with yellowish spots, are oval-oblong in shape and emerge hugging the stem. The flowers appear in spadix similar to the Spatyphyllum although they do not always bloom indoors.

They are tropical plants that are used as indoor and greenhouse plants.


Homalomena needs bright exposure, but it never receives direct sunlight. Temperatures below 15ºC are not suitable for this.

The soil must drain well, for which we can prepare a mixture, in equal parts, of peat, straw, very rotten manure and coarse silica sand.

Watering with lime-free water will be regular so that the soil is always moist but not soggy. The high humidity of the environment is important, for which we can place a tray with pebbles under the pot that we are going to moisten.

It does not require pruning, but wilted leaves can be eliminated.

Fertilize every 20 days during spring and summer with mineral fertiliser for indoor plants.

They can be attacked by spider mites and aphids if the atmosphere is dry.

They are propagated by dividing the rhizome in early spring.

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