How to water your Succulent?

How to water your Succulent?

How often should I water succulents? 

Like cacti, succulents are versatile plants that can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, it
is necessary to understand the behavior of these plants to provide efficient irrigation.
The first step is to learn the process of these foliage which are known for their thickened leaves
that allow for water storage. Their natural habitat is the desert, and there it rains a lot. However,
the rain happens for several days and only for a period of the year. That’s why they learned to
save water.
In view of their main feature, let’s go to watering. The ideal is always to put your finger on the
substrate to find out if it’s time to water succulents. If the land is dry, the time is right. Finally, the
frequency is usually once a week, but always check before offering water.

What is the right way to water succulents?
It’s time to learn the right way to water succulents. Let’s start by indicating that the best way is to
give the plant a water bath, leave the soil well soaked, and repeat the process when the soil is dry.
You shouldn’t just water with a spray, but a watering can. By the way, this technique is bad for the
plant, because if the pot is indoors, the humidity can cause fungi.

The right way to water succulents is to pour the water directly into the soil in abundance. That’s
how your plants will understand that it’s time to store liquid in the leaves and wait days and days
for the next irrigation. That’s how it works in the desert and that’s how they like it.

How many hours of sun do succulents need?
The succulent is a sun-loving plant, but you don’t need to leave the pot in spaces with direct light.
Indirect sun is enough to keep your terrarium healthy and beautiful. Of course, if the morning sun
is shining through the window, even better.
Other great tips for having healthy succulents in your home involve pots with good drainage, that
is, a base that has little holes, a first layer of pebbles or gravel, and a soil with nutrients. Today
there are already fertilizers for succulents that nourish the earth.
Finally, always remember that it’s better to water succulents less often than to end up killing your
plants with too much water. These are species that can go a few days without the rain of the
desert, and consequently, have adapted to live like this in other places.

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